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We Are Family

For me the best part of ANY concert is watching people's smiles, watching people sing, watching them dance, and just lose themselves in the music, in the moment. Mostly though, it's seeing the kids....the future of our music with their parents...watching them in their concert experience...singing the words, laughing, smiling and feeling "that" joy that we have all experienced.
Saturday night at The Glorious Sons show, a young mom (everyone's young to me these days) had her two daughters (maybe 7 and 10) with her. We were on the floor...basically 2nd row. Evan immediately made room for them to stand in front of him so they could look up over the barricade and see the stage (that's my boy). After the opening act, I mentioned to the mother that I admired her bringing her daughters and told her how I have been bringing Evan to shows since he was 4 and how I always had him on my shoulders. So, I told her that if she wanted, I could do the same for her very enthusiastic little 7 year old. When the Sons started I propped her up on my shoulders and within seconds Brett from The Glorious Sons came to our side and waved to her....she was blown away. The crowd around us cool for her!! Brought back a bunch of memories!!!

Her Aunt also put the sister on her shoulders and Brett kindly did the same for her too. Their faces were priceless. At one point the little 7 year old was doing the heart sign with her hands and yelling "I love you Brett". OMG, I died laughing. She was histerical!

The other thing I enjoy about attending shows is the sense of community between the fans. This night was no exception. The 2 kind folks from Fergus that were behind us helped get a young man with a sign to the front of the stage so the band could see the sign...and lo-and-behold Brett brought him on stage...what a cool moment for that young man. And then....during the encore, the fans in the front made room for the 2 little girls to be right in the centre (they stood on a stool) to enjoy the final 3 songs. And in the words of The Trews, they sang their hearts out. They were rewarded for their passion when the band brought them both down a setlist after the show. Priceless.'s what can bring out the best in people. In a world of divisiveness, it can bring us together....for the love of the music. The Glorious Sons gave these kids memories that will last a lifetime. I know this from experience. I still look back at young Evan with Bruce and am blessed for those amazing experiences. They stay with ya!

Big props to all those parents exposing your kids to great music like the Sons, the Arkells....and, of course the Boss!! Our rock and roll future is alive and well!!

Saluti alla mia famiglia musical!!