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For A Rocker

Our buddy Frank was a strong, courageous fighter who said FUCK YOU to cancer and as Johnny Pisano said, “he did it all on his terms”. With the love of his brother Lou, his wonderful girlfriend, Jean, his mother and sister (and her family) and all his friends and rock and roll pals, he battled this damn disease with dignity, grace and always with a positive outlook that simply amazed me.

Frank will live in our hearts forever because of this, but also because of his sheer love of life - music, sports, friends. Nobody, and I mean nobody, followed his musical muse like Franky. Travelling anywhere and everywhere to see his favorite bands and artists. And more-often-than-not, he ended up meeting them and getting an album or photo signed.

I knew Frank’s brother Lou much better in high school and during the bar days. Frank was quieter and more to himself. Him and Lou were polar opposites. One was quiet and introverted; one was loud and extroverted. But what I learned in the end; they were very much alike. Both loyal, compassionate, caring guys with huge hearts.

He was a staunch supporter of Light of Day and would drive to Jersey, Pittsburgh, Rockland-Bergen, Kingston…where ever the music took him and Jean to support his favorite artists. I was lucky enough to do several road trips with him over the years including one of the most memorable Light of Day Asbury weekends when, thanks to Danny Gochnour and Joe Grushecky , he got to meet Bruce Springsteen. Still makes my heart warm!!
His support of Evan’s music meant the world to me and I know Evan always recognized Frank’s support including Frank/Jean changing their plans last year when Evan got a last-minute gig downtown. Frank was going to Kingston with Jean to see
Miss Emily, but he made sure he could fit in both shows! That’s a friend…that’s a fan….that was Frank.
Another funny story was many years ago Joe Grushecky had called me at work on a Monday morning and said “hey a friend of yours from Niagara was at our show here in Pittsburgh on Saturday night. He drove up on his own”. I said “was his name Frank”. Joe said “ya, that was it”. That’s a fan….that was Frank.
I am that much better for knowing Frank…we all are…and I thank God I got to know him better over the last 10 years or so. He taught me a lot the way he battled this disease and I will carry that with me on the rest of my journey. I’m sure when things go back to normal, Evan and I will be at a concert and I’ll be looking around to see if Frank’s at the show…and you know he will be!! God bless Jean, Lou and the Spadafore family. May God give you the strength to move forward with Franky in your hearts and every step you take. You have all been through a lot, but his suffering is over, and I know he’s in a better place….where there is music playing and he’s grabbin’ “a cocktail, vodka and ginger ale” with John Prine!
Frank, you were one of the good guys. Your music was your angel…”and those of us who follow, might hope to reach as far” as Jackson Browne once wrote. You were a true inspiration to all of us. You never gave up, you kept fighting…and you never, ever let Cancer get in the way of living! A true warrior!
Good-bye my friend. I was privileged to share some great memories with you. You will be missed, but you’ll never be forgotten. See ya at the next show, on the other side!

Our hearts are broken!