Is This Thing Working?



Is This Thing Working? Is This Thing On?

Hey folks, I am finally going to officially launch this site and my new blog-rant-commentary-thingy! The title comes from one of my favorite Todd Snider songs, "Is this thing working"! It's about a bully who eventually ends up getting bullied, which has nothing to do with my bloggy thing, but it's a great title!

Anyways...I was sitting here in my office listening to digital media guru, Gary Vee (Gary Vaynerchuk...look him up..he's brilliant) on YouTube and I decided it was time to get the ball rolling on this blog-thing. Gary's books/vids are the reason I wanted to finally re-build that old-clunker, personal web site of mine that I built back in myself, I might add. Holy crap, that's 17 years ago...and that means DANIMA Creative Group - Niagara Falls Digital Marketing is now 17 years old. Who'd have thunk it? It was a time when graphics were just starting to appear on the "net". The old blue screen with yellow writing was slowly disappearing and I was completely captured by this new technology and, thanks to our buddy Matt Walsh, I learned basic HTML and became a web guru in a matter of months. [end of tangent]

Where was I??

Oh ya, Gary Vee...Gary talks about branding yourself and I thought about it...I've been doing that for years, but unknowingly. The thing about Facebook is, it can help brand you personally. We all have friends who alway rant on FB. Some who constantly complain. Others who talk about their kids until you want to heave (oops, that's me). Some talk politics. Others only sports. Some post pics of their dogs. Some just follow music. Whatever it is, we are able to get a glimpse of what that person must be like. Take it to another level and what you can do is build a brand for yourself. I have consciously been doing this for some time (though I must admit I am not sure I'd purchase a brand such as I realized some time ago that my personal FB page and my business FB page (or even the Light of Day FB page) are indirectly connected (actually, I think it's directly connected). 

That being said, this blog will be an extension of my Facebook and Twitter page. I do use LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest...and I have a YouTube channel, as well, but FB and Twitter are my main focus...and now this! I don't have a Blog-Plan...well, not yet. But I will. My FB posts can be very wordy (to say the least), "Is This Thing Working? Is This Thing On" will be a way for me to elaborate on things that are happening in Dave's World.  Not that I imagine anyone actually cares, but just go with me on this.

So, let's set the ground rules before I get started "blogging". As the great Todd Snider says: "I should also warn you that I may share some of my opinions with you over the course of the show tonight. I don't share them with you because I think they are smart or because I think you need to know them. I share them with you because they rhyme. I didn't come here to change any ya'lls minds about anything. I come down here to ease my own mind about everything."  So, these are MY opinions, MY comments, MY views of the world...they are not DANIMA's or my family/friends. Just my way of getting my thoughts out into this great big world for anyone who'll read/listen! Also, I KNOW that my grammar and spelling ain't all that, just deeel wit it! Ya see what I did there? Damn, I'm funny. Expect more of that wit in the future.

And with that said I want to thank you for stopping in and spending a piece of your busy day with me and reading what it is I have to say! I hope I can provide (as the great Dave Letterman once said) some info-tainment to anyone reading.

Until next time...head over to or and check out Todd's music, book, story, etc. One of my favorite characters/singer/songwriter...and you know that I would never steer ya wrong, my friends (am I right, Johnnie Wahr?).

Enjoy Every Sandwich!