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LOD Winterfest 20

I have been to approximately 12 of the 20 LOD Asbury weekends and this was the best one yet. No, not because Bruce was there...but that did add to the memories! It's the friendships, the community of people that we are lucky enough to be associated with through music and the cause. From the morning coffee chats with the Grusheckys, the Grossos, the Streichs, to the late night acoustic jam in the lobby with Joe G, James Maddox, Miss Emily, Peter Elkas and Vinni Mad Dog Lopez.

Was it the...
- amazing set by Bobby Mahoney and the Seventh Son at the Pony to kick off the weekend
- Getting into Soundcheck to watch Springsteen and Joe Grushecky & The Houserockers!
- Bruce standing beside Evan and I during Jesse Malin's set
- Being in the dressing room with Bruce and shaking his hand
- Breakfast at the The Chat & Nibble with our favorite folks
- singing Zevon's "Hula Hula Boys" with Vini Lopez
- Evan jammin' at Bobby Mahoney's Couch Concert at the Asbury Hotel with Dillon Schindler
- Evan getting up again with Joe D'Urso at the Pinball Museum for One Guitar
- Evan's stellar set at the Stone Pony with Dillon SchindlerBobby Mahoney and Uncle Danny Gochnour
- the amazing finale at McLoone's for the Songwriters evening
Frank Spadafore meeting Bruce Springsteen!!!

It was all that, but as Danny said in his beautiful post, it was the love and friendship that surrounds the entire weekend. It was hainging out with the Mahoney family, spending time with Lisa Henry D'Urso, making new friends like Dillon SchindlerTaylor Davis, seeing people like Andrea again, Kent and Lisa L NIcholson, hanging out and sharing stories with Gord and Ginette, spending time with Jamie and Danny and everything that Bobby does! So thankful to the LOD family who treat us so amazingly well, and it's not lost on me how lucky we are to call them friends - Jean MikleJoe D'UrsoTony PallagrosiBob BenjaminJ.R. StantonMichael DeGeorgeCheryl Kirk Streich and Ron Streich.

I agree with Danny, it's such a great feeling being there and it's sad when you leave. There's something magical down on the shore. How that group can put on that many shows for that many nights with that many bands and that many in attendence is beyond my comprehension, but I am damn glad they do. Over $6,000,000 raised in 20 years. Great people doing great things.

I sometimes look around and wonder how that little blue-eyed kid who was obsessed with all things Bruce Springsteen back in the 70's ended up here....with my's surreal...and it's not lost on me how blessed I am to be a part of it.

Thank you Light of Day for all you do!