Cooper, Alice

Album TitleYearTypeRating
Easy Action1970CD
Love It To Death1971CD
School's Out1972CD
Billion Dollar Babies1973CD
Greatest Hits 1974CD
Welcome To My Nightmare1975CD
Goes To Hell1976CD
Love It To Death1971LP - VINYL
Greatest Hits1974LP - VINYL
Welcome To My Nightmare1975LP - VINYL
Goes To hell1976LP - VINYL
The Alice Cooper Show1977LP - VINYL
Lace and Whiskey1977LP - VINYL
School's Out / Gutter Cat197245 - VINYL
I'll Never Cry / Go To Hell197645 - VINYL
How Ya Gonna See Me Now / No Tricks197845 - VINYL
Clones (We're All) / Model Citizen198045 - VINYL
Poison / Trash198945 - VINYL