Buffett, Jimmy

Album TitleYearTypeRating
Coconut Telegraph1981CD
Songs You Know By Heart 1985CD
Off To See The Lizard1989CD
Before The Beach1993CD
Barometer Soup1995CD
Bananna Wind1996CD
Christmas Island 1996CD
Beach House on the Moon1999CD
Live at Fenway Park2005CD
Take The Weather With You2006CD
Buffet hotel2009CD
Living and Dying In 3/4 Time1974LP - VINYL
Changes In Lattitudes1977LP - VINYL
Son Of A Son Of A Sailor1978LP - VINYL
You Had To Be There1978LP - VINYL
Volcano1979LP - VINYL
Before The Salt1979LP - VINYL
One Particular Harbour1983LP - VINYL
Riddles In The Sand1984LP - VINYL
Last Mango In Paris1985LP - VINYL
Off To See The Lizard1989LP - VINYL