Springsteen, Bruce

Album TitleYearTypeRating
The Castiles - Mr. Music Inc1966CD
The Bruce Springsteen Story - Vol. 11967CD
The Bruce Springsteen Story - Vol. 21967CD
Torn & Frayed1970CD
The Bruce Springsteen Story - Vol. 41971CD
The Bruce Springsteen Story - Vol 6.1971CD
Goin' Back In The Past1971CD
Exit Through The Back Door1972CD
The Unsurpassed Springsteen - Vol. 21972CD
The Unsurpassed Springsteen - Vol. 31972CD
The Unsurpassed Springsteen - Vol. 41972CD
The Laurel Canyon Demo Tapes1972CD
The Unsurpassed Springsteen - Vol. 51973CD
The Early Years1973CD
The Unsurpassed Springsteen - Vol. 61973CD
The Unsurpassed Springsteen - Vol. 11973CD
My Father's Place1973CD
Before The Flood1973CD
The Wild, The Innocent And The E Street Shuffle1973CD
Play The Tuba & Run1973CD
Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.1973CD
Rock & Roll Punk1974CD
Introducing Rosie1974CD
Spanish Harlem1974CD
You Mean So Much To Me1974CD
Flesh & Fantasy1974CD
Saint In The City1974CD
Liberty Hall1974CD
The Lost Radio Show1974CD
And The Band Played On1974CD
War & Roses1975CD
Bring Out The Hype1975CD
It's Gonna Work Out Fine1975CD
Born To Run1975CD
Sha La La1975CD
First Night In Detroit1975CD
The Saint, The Incident & The Main Point Shuffle 1975CD
Hammersmith Odeon London 751975CD
Austin 19751975CD
Westbury Music Fair1975CD
The Milwakee Bomb Scare1975CD
You Can Trust Your Car To The Man Wears The Star1975CD
Live B-Sides1975CD
London Calling 1975CD
Live at the Bottom Line1975CD
First Rendezvous in Red Bank1976CD
We Gotta Get Out Of This Place1976CD
Hidden Worlds That Shine1976CD
Live at the Allen Theatre1976CD
Leaving The Allen In Rubble1976CD
Soul Crusaders1977CD
Forced To Confess 1977CD
The Complete 1978 Radio Broadcasts1978CD
The Agora Cleveland1978CD
Darkness On The Edge Of Town1978CD
The Firecracker Show 1978CD
Piece de Resistance1978CD
Hands Toward The Sky1978CD
Same Old Played Out Scenes1978CD
Roxy Night1978CD
The Iceman: Darkness Outtakes 19781978CD
Quarter to Three1978CD
Oh Boy1978CD
The Way: Darkness Outtakes 19781978CD
Southside Bruce & The E Street Jukes 1978CD
Summertime Bruce1978CD
The Promise: Darkness Outtakes 19781978CD
The Promise Is Spoken1978CD
Live And Alive 1978CD
The Ties That Bind (NY Power Station)1979CD
Coliseum Night1980CD
In The Midnight Hour1980CD
The River1980CD
Warming Up To 'The River' Tour1980CD
Uptown 2nd Night1980CD
The River1980CD
Heart & Soul 1980CD
A Night For The Vietnam Veterans1981CD
A Long Way From The Boardwalk1981CD
For Those That Were There That Night1981CD
Big Man's West - Opening Night1981CD
Nebraska Live1982CD
Alpine Valley Night1984CD
Exhibition Night 1984CD
Born In The USA1984CD
Kansas City Night1984CD
This Hard Land1984CD
Last Great Show1984CD
Born In The U.S.A1984CD
Oakland Night 1984CD
The Unplanned Gig1984CD
Perfect in '851985CD
A Night At The Soldierfields1985CD
Bridge School Benefit1986CD
Live (75-85) 1986CD
Tunnel Of Love1987CD
Cleveland Tunnel1988CD
European Summer Tour '881988CD
Chicago Tunnel1988CD
Roses & Broken Hearts1988CD
Tunnel Of Burning Love 1988CD
Chimes Of Freedom1988CD
Human Rights Now 1988CD
The Complete Tunnel Rehearsal1988CD
Cruising In Love Town 1988CD
Songs For An Electric Mule1990CD
Bruce's Club Hopping Summer1991CD
Italian Shoes1992CD
Better Days (single)1992CD
If I Should Fall Behind (single)1992CD
Human Touch (Single)1992CD
57 Channels And Nothin (single)1992CD
The Gospel's Rain1992CD
Lucky Town1992CD
Human Touch1992CD
Solo Acoustic1993CD
USA Blues1993CD
Satan's Jewel Crown1993CD
In Concert:Unplugged1993CD
Streets Of Philadelphia1993CD
A Tribute To Curtis Mayfield1994CD
American Style1994CD
Rocks The Playpen1994CD
You Better Not Touch1994CD
Journey To Nowhere1995CD
The Ghost Of Tom Joad1995CD
The Ghost of Tom Joad (single)1995CD
Hungry Heart1995CD
I'm Turning Into Elvis1995CD
Secret Garden/Pink Cadillac1995CD
Coliseum Night1995CD
Acoustically Incorporated1995CD
Secret Garden (String)/Murder Inc. (Live)1995CD
The Lost Masters: Volume XIII1996CD
The Lost Masters: Volume XVIII1996CD
The Lost Masters: Volume VIII1996CD
The Lost Masters: Volume II1996CD
Asbury Park Night1996CD
The Lost Masters: Volume XV1996CD
The Lost Masters: Volume XIX1996CD
Reason To Believe1996CD
The Lost Masters: Volume IX1996CD
The Lost Masters: Volume III1996CD
The Lost Masters: Volume X1996CD
Coca-Cola Planet Live1996CD
The Lost Masters: Volume XIV1996CD
The Lost Masters: Volume XVI1996CD
The Lost Masters: Volume IV1996CD
Brixton Nights1996CD
The Lost Masters: Volume VII1996CD
The Lost Masters: Volume XVI1996CD
Blood Brothers1996CD
The Lost Masters: Volume V1996CD
The Ghost Is Alive Tonite1996CD
The Lost Masters: Volume XI1996CD
The Lost Masters: Volume XVII1996CD
The Lost Masters: Volume VI1996CD
USA Blues 21996CD
One Step Up...Two Steps Back1997CD
Sydney Night1997CD
A Night At The Opera1997CD
Is A Dream A Lie?1998CD
Red Bank Night1998CD
Big Big Night1999CD
The Lights of Omaha 1999CD
Milano Night 1999CD
Dublin Night 1999CD
Olympic Stadion First Night1999CD
New Jersey Nights1999CD
Bremen On Fire1999CD
Searching For Mr. Staples1999CD
The Light Of Day Benefit2000CD
Rarities Volume 12000CD
Season's Greetings From Asbury Park, NJ2000CD
Raleigh Night2000CD
Rarities Volume 22000CD
Madison Square Gardens2000CD
Rarities Volume 32000CD
10th Night At Madison Square Gardens2000CD
Live In New York City2000CD
Bruce Springsteen - The Max Weinberg 7 & Friends2001CD
First Night in Jersey2002CD
Stockholm Rising2002CD
Mile High In Denver2002CD
New York Night2002CD
Dallas Rising2002CD
Goin' To Kansas City2002CD
Cleveland Rocks2002CD
Orlando Night2002CD
Chicago (with Eddie Vedder)2002CD
Meet Me In Detroit2002CD
Albany, New York2002CD
One Night In Buffalo2002CD
Viva Las Vegas2002CD
The Rising2002CD
MTV Night2002CD
St. Louis2002CD
Benefit for Double Take Magazine2003CD
Buffalo Fair2003CD
3rd Night in Philly2003CD
Atlantic City Night2003CD
Full Moon In Toronto2003CD
9th Night at the Meadowlands2003CD
Live From Melbourne2003CD
Boss' Last Stand2003CD
10th Night at the Meadowlands2003CD
Sacramento Night2003CD
30/31 Hightlights2003CD
Ottawa Night2003CD
The Essential Bruce Springsteen2003CD
Fenway Night #22003CD
Bonjour Montreal2003CD
Light of Day: A Tribute To Bruce Springsteen2003CD
Vote For Change - Part IV2004CD
Vote For Change - Part V2004CD
Flood Aid 20042004CD
Holiday Concerts - Early Show2004CD
Vote For Change - Part I2004CD
Vote For Change - Part II2004CD
Devils In Seattle2005CD
Devil's And Dust2005CD
Devils In Vancouver2005CD
Cleveland Devil2005CD
Ain't Got Rochester2005CD
Devils In Berlin2005CD
Devil's Rehearsal Show2005CD
Devils In Albany2005CD
Devil's Rehearsal Show 22005CD
Seeger Sessions Rehearsal Show 42006CD
New Orleans Jazz Festival2006CD
We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions2006CD
Seeger Sessions Rehearsal Show 22006CD
Working On A Dream2009CD
The Promise2010CD
Chapter & Verse2016CD
The Complete 1978 Radio Broadcasts2017CD
Steel Mill: Return To Rock and Roll1971LP - VINYL
The Demo Tapes: Crica 1971-19721972LP - VINYL
Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J.1972LP - VINYL
Rarities1973LP - VINYL
Bound For Glory1973LP - VINYL
The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle1973LP - VINYL
Rosalita - 12" Single1973LP - VINYL
Max's Kansas City1973LP - VINYL
Live at KLOL Studion in Houston1974LP - VINYL
Live in NYC1975LP - VINYL
The Great White Boss1975LP - VINYL
Born To Run 1975LP - VINYL
The Jersey Devil1975LP - VINYL
HIstorica De La Musica: Born To Run1975LP - VINYL
Live In Atlanta Georgia1975LP - VINYL
Live At The Uptown Theatre1975LP - VINYL
Live In Philadelphia1976LP - VINYL
Capital Theatre, Passiac NJ1978LP - VINYL
Capitol Theatre, Passiac NJ(4LP)1978LP - VINYL
Darkness On The Edge Of Town1978LP - VINYL
The Fox Theatre - Atlanta GA1978LP - VINYL
The Roxy Theatre, West Hollywood CA (4LP)1978LP - VINYL
Live At The Roxy1978LP - VINYL
The Roxy Theatre - Hollywood CA1978LP - VINYL
The Agora Show Part 21978LP - VINYL
The Fox Theatre: Atlanta Georgia1978LP - VINYL
Piece de Resistance1978LP - VINYL
No Nukes (Various Artists)1979LP - VINYL
Don't Look Back1980LP - VINYL
The River1980LP - VINYL
Follow That Dream1981LP - VINYL
Bruce Juice1981LP - VINYL
Do I Have To Say His Name1981LP - VINYL
Live in Boston1981LP - VINYL
Prisoner Of Rock & Roll1982LP - VINYL
Nebraska1982LP - VINYL
Live At Bedrock (Parody)1982LP - VINYL
I'm On Fire - 12"1984LP - VINYL
Glory Days - 12"1984LP - VINYL
Murder Inc.1984LP - VINYL
Dancing In The Dark - 12"1984LP - VINYL
Cover Me - Extended Version 12"1984LP - VINYL
Alpine Valley1984LP - VINYL
Cover Me - 12"1984LP - VINYL
Born In The USA - 12"1984LP - VINYL
Dancing In The Dark - Blaster Mix 12"1984LP - VINYL
Live In Paris1985LP - VINYL
Born In The USA1985LP - VINYL
Live 1975 - 19851986LP - VINYL
War - 12"1986LP - VINYL
Born To Run Live1987LP - VINYL
Sweden Broadcast 19881988LP - VINYL
Tunnel Of Love1988LP - VINYL
Chimes Of Freedom1988LP - VINYL
Folkways: A Vision Shared1988LP - VINYL
Tracks1988LP - VINYL
Lucky Town1992LP - VINYL
The Other Band Tour: Verona Broadcast1993LP - VINYL
In Concert/MTV Unplugged1993LP - VINYL
New Jersey 1994 with Joe Grushecky & The Houserockers1994LP - VINYL
Ghost Of Tom Joad1995LP - VINYL
18 Tracks1999LP - VINYL
Live In New York City2000LP - VINYL
The Rising2002LP - VINYL
Peace Love & Understanding: The New Jersey Christmas Concert Vo. 32003LP - VINYL
Peace Love & Understanding: The New Jersey Christmas Concert Vo. 12003LP - VINYL
Peace Love & Understanding: The New Jersey Christmas Concert Vo. 22003LP - VINYL
Devils & Dust2005LP - VINYL
We Shall Overcome/The Seeger Sessions2006LP - VINYL
Magic2007LP - VINYL
Working On A Dream2009LP - VINYL
Wrecking Ball2012LP - VINYL
High Hopes2014LP - VINYL
America Beauty - 12"2014LP - VINYL
Chapter and Verse2016LP - VINYL
Springsteen On Broadway2018LP - VINYL
Western Stars2019LP - VINYL
Western Starts - Songs From The Film2019LP - VINYL
Letter To You2020LP - VINYL
The Legendary No Nukes Concerts2021LP - VINYL
Only The Strong Survive: Vol 12022LP - VINYL
Born To Run / Meeting Across The River197545 - VINYL
Fade Away / Be True198045 - VINYL
Hungry Heart / Held Up Without A Gun198045 - VINYL
Born In The USA / Shut Out The Lights198445 - VINYL
Glory Days / Stand On It198445 - VINYL
I'm On Fire / Johnny Bye Bye198445 - VINYL
I'm Goin Down / Janey Don't You Lose Heart198445 - VINYL
My Hometown / Santa Claus Is Coming To Town198445 - VINYL
War / Merry Christmas Baby198645 - VINYL
One Step Up / Roulette198745 - VINYL
Brilliant Disguise / Lucky Man198745 - VINYL
Tunnel Of Love / Two For The Road198745 - VINYL
Fire / Incident On 57th Street (L198745 - VINYL
57 Channels (And Nothin' On / Part Monkey, Part Man199245 - VINYL