Zevon, Warren

Album TitleYearTypeRating
Wanted Dead Or Alive1969CD
Excitable Boy1978CD
Warren Zevon1978CD
Bad Luck Street In Dancing School1980CD
Stand In The Fire1980CD
The Envoy1982CD
A Quiet Normal Life1986CD
The Best Of Warren Zevon:A Quite Normal Life1986CD
Transverse City1989CD
Hindu Love Gods1990CD
Mr. Bad Example1991CD
Learning To Flinch1993CD
Life 'll Kill Ya2000CD
Live Rarities & More2000CD
My Ride's Here2002CD
The Wind2003CD
Sentimental Hygiene2003CD
Enjoy Every Sandwich: Songs of Warren Zevon2004CD
Warren Zevon1976LP - VINYL
Excitable Boy1978LP - VINYL
Bad Luck Streak In Dancing School1980LP - VINYL
Stand In The Fire1980LP - VINYL
The Envoy1982LP - VINYL
Headless in Boston1982LP - VINYL
A Quiet Normal Life1986LP - VINYL
Sentimental Hygiene1987LP - VINYL
My Ride's here2002LP - VINYL
The Wind2003LP - VINYL
Werewolves of London / Roland The Headless Thomson Gunner197845 - VINYL
Electric Werewolf Strikes Again0000CollectiblesUnrated
Primate Disclosure0000CollectiblesUnrated
Strike Up The Band0000CollectiblesUnrated
Coffee Break Concert With Matt The Cat1976CollectiblesUnrated
The Offender Meets The Pretender1976CollectiblesUnrated
Live at The Tower Theatre1980CollectiblesUnrated
Excitable Boy Live1982CollectiblesUnrated
Acousitcally Texan1985CollectiblesUnrated
Warren & The Patrician Homeboys (with Timothy B)1988CollectiblesUnrated
Live @ The Barrymore Theatre1999CollectiblesUnrated
Live In Seattle2000CollectiblesUnrated
Live In Nashville2000CollectiblesUnrated
Midnight Radio (woth Jill Sobule)2000CollectiblesUnrated
Warren Zevon & Friends2003CollectiblesUnrated