Waits, Tom

Album TitleYearTypeRating
Closing Time1973CD
The Heart Of Saturday Night1974CD
Nighthawks At The Diner1975CD
Small Change1976CD
Foreign Affairs1977CD
Blue Valentine1978CD
Heartattack And Vine1980CD
Music from the movie 'One From The Heart'1982CD
Frank's Wild Years1987CD
Big Time1988CD
The Early Years1991CD
Night On Earth1992CD
Bone Machine1992CD
The Early Years Vol II1992CD
Bone Machine: The Operator's Manual1993CD
The Black Rider1993CD
Step Right Up: The Songs of Tom Waits1995CD
Beautiful Maladies: The Island Years1998CD
Mics, Mules & Mallets1999CD
Mule Variations1999CD
Rarities Vol. 12000CD
Rarities Vol. 22000CD
The Dime Store Novels Vol 12001CD
Blood Money2002CD
Real Gone2004CD
Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards2006CD
Glitter & Doom Live2009CD
Bad As Me2011CD
Fumlin' On The Radio2015CD
Transmission Impossible2015CD
The Early Years: Volume One1971LP - VINYL
'Round Midnight: The Minneapolis Broadcast1973LP - VINYL
Closing Time1973LP - VINYL
Heart Of Saturday Nigtht1974LP - VINYL
Unplugged Live at KPFK Folkscene Studios Los Angeles1974LP - VINYL
Nighthawks At The Diner1975LP - VINYL
Minneapolis1975LP - VINYL
Ivanhoe Theatre, Chicago1976LP - VINYL
Foreign Affairs1976LP - VINYL
Small Change1976LP - VINYL
My Father's Place, Roslyn 19771977LP - VINYL
Blue Valentine1978LP - VINYL
Heartattack And Vine1980LP - VINYL
One From The Heart (Soundtrack)1982LP - VINYL
Swordfishtrombones1983LP - VINYL
The Asylum Years1984LP - VINYL
Rain Dogs1985LP - VINYL
The Black Rider1993LP - VINYL
Mule Variations1999LP - VINYL
Under The Bridge: The Classic Benefit Show1999LP - VINYL
Alice2002LP - VINYL
Blood Money2002LP - VINYL
Real Gone2004LP - VINYL
Bastards2006LP - VINYL
Brawlers2006LP - VINYL
Bawlers2006LP - VINYL
Glitter & Doom Live2009LP - VINYL
Bad As Me2011LP - VINYL
Tales From The Underground, Vol. 22012LP - VINYL
Under The Covers: The Songs He Didn't Write2017LP - VINYL
A Nickel Worth Of Dreams0000CollectiblesUnrated
KCRW Snap1973CollectiblesUnrated
KPFK Interview 1974CollectiblesUnrated
Downtown Blues1975CollectiblesUnrated
Drunk On The Moon1975CollectiblesUnrated
Main Street1976CollectiblesUnrated
Last Call1976CollectiblesUnrated
Radio Show1976CollectiblesUnrated
Seattle Night1977CollectiblesUnrated
Spare Change1977CollectiblesUnrated
One Night Stand1977CollectiblesUnrated
Rendezvous at Midnight1978CollectiblesUnrated
Time Waits For No One1979CollectiblesUnrated
Live at the Beacon1979CollectiblesUnrated
Live At The Warfield1987CollectiblesUnrated
Dead Man Walking Concert1990CollectiblesUnrated
The Way to San Jose1990CollectiblesUnrated
Alice: The Original Demos (Hamburg, Germany - 1992)1992Collectibles
Alice - The Original Demos1992CollectiblesUnrated
Live '961996CollectiblesUnrated
Los Angeles, Wiltern Theatre1999CollectiblesUnrated
Los Angeles, Wiltern Theatre1999CollectiblesUnrated
Chicago Theatre '99 1999CollectiblesUnrated
Live at the Orpheum1999CollectiblesUnrated
The Bridge School Benefit1999CollectiblesUnrated
Los Angeles, Wiltern Theatre1999CollectiblesUnrated
Tales From The Underground2001Collectibles
Tales From The Underground 22002CollectiblesUnrated
Tales From The Underground 32003Collectibles
Tales From The Underground 42004CollectiblesUnrated