Album TitleYearTypeRating
Pickin' Up The Pieces1969CD
From The Inside1971CD
A Good Feelin' To Know1972CD
Crazy Eyes1973CD
The Very Best Of Poco Live1975CD
Head Over Heals1975CD
Rose Of Cimarron1976CD
Indian Summer1977CD
Under The Gun1980CD
Blue And Grey1981CD
Cowboys And Englishmen1982CD
Ghost Town1982CD
Crazy Loving: The Best Of Poco (1975-1982)1989CD
The Radio Show1989CD
Nothin' To Hide Sngl1989CD
The Nature Of Love\The 'Open' Ended Interview Sngl.1989CD
The Forgotten Trails:(1969-1974)1990CD
Running Horse2002CD
Keeping The Legend Alive2004CD
The Last Roundup2004CD
Bareback at Big Sky2005CD
Standing Room Only2007CD
Live At Columbia Studios, Hollywood 9/30/712014CD
Pickin' Up The Pieces1969LP - VINYL
From The Inside1971LP - VINYL
A Good Feelin' To Know1971LP - VINYL
Crazy Eyes1973LP - VINYL
Seven1974LP - VINYL
Cantamos1974LP - VINYL
Head Over Heals1975LP - VINYL
Rose Of Cimarron1976LP - VINYL
Indian Summer1977LP - VINYL
Legend1978LP - VINYL
The Songs Of Paul Cotton1979LP - VINYL
Under The Gun1980LP - VINYL
Blue And Grey1981LP - VINYL
Ghost Town1982LP - VINYL
Cowboys & Englishmen1982LP - VINYL
Inamorata1984LP - VINYL
Legacy1989LP - VINYL
Running Horse2002LP - VINYL
All Fired up2013LP - VINYL
You Better Think Twice / Anyway Bye Bye197045 - VINYL
C'Mon / I Guess You Made It197145 - VINYL
Good Feelin' To Know / Early Times197245 - VINYL
Indian Summer / Indian Summer (Mono)197745 - VINYL
Crazy Love / Barbados197845 - VINYL
Heart Of The Night / the Last Good-bye197845 - VINYL
Under The Gun / Reputation 198045 - VINYL
The Everlasting Kind / Friends In The Distance198045 - VINYL
Midnight Rain / A Fool's Paradise198045 - VINYL
Widowmaker / Widowmaker (Promotional Copy)198145 - VINYL
Shoot For The Moon/The Midnight Rodeo198245 - VINYL
Save A Corner Of You Heart For Me / Save A Corner Of You Heart For Me198445 - VINYL
Call It Love / Lovin' You Every Minute198945 - VINYL
Nothin' To Hide / If It Wasn't For You198945 - VINYL
Live in '751975CollectiblesUnrated
Live in '851985CollectiblesUnrated
The Last Round Up1985CollectiblesUnrated
King Bisquit Flower Hour1988CollectiblesUnrated
By The Skin Of Our Teeth2001CollectiblesUnrated