Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers

Album TitleYearTypeRating
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers1976CD
You're Gonna Get It1978CD
Damn The Torpedoes1979CD
Hard Promises1981CD
Long After Dark1982CD
Southern Accents1985CD
Pack Up The Plantation: LIVE1985CD
'Let Me Up (I've Had Enough)'1987CD
In Conversation1989CD
Full Moon Fever1989CD
Into The Great Wide Open1991CD
Learning To Fly1991CD
Last Dance For Mary Jane (Single)1993CD
Greatest Hits1993CD
You Don't Know How It Feels/Girl On LSD sngl.1994CDUnrated
You Got Lucky: A Tribute To Tom Petty1994CD
Music from the motion picture 'She's The One'1996CD
Songs and Musiic From 'She's The One'1996CD
The Last DJ2002CD
Highway Companion2006CD
The Live Anthology2009CD
Hypnotic Eye2014CD
Mudcrutch 22016CD
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers1976LP - VINYL
You're Gonna Get It1978LP - VINYL
It's Only Rock and Roll (Bootleg)1979LP - VINYL
It's Only Rock 'N Roll1979LP - VINYL
Damn The Torpedoes1979LP - VINYL
Hard Promises1981LP - VINYL
Long After Dark1982LP - VINYL
Southern Accents1985LP - VINYL
Packin' Up The Plantation Live1985LP - VINYL
Dean E Smith Activity Centre1986LP - VINYL
Live At The Coliseum, Jacksonville1987LP - VINYL
Let Me Up I've Had Enough1987LP - VINYL
Live At The Coliseum1987LP - VINYL
Dean E Smith Activity Center1988LP - VINYL
Full Moon Fever1989LP - VINYL
Greatest Hits Live1989LP - VINYL
The Last Dj2002LP - VINYL
Live Anthology2009LP - VINYL
Hypnotic Eye2014LP - VINYL
Greatest Hits Live2017LP - VINYL
An American Treasure2018LP - VINYL
On The Box: Best of the Televesion Appearances2018LP - VINYL
Angel Dream2021LP - VINYL
Don't Do Me Like That / Casa Dega197945 - VINYL
Change Of Heart / Heartbreakers Beach Party198245 - VINYL
Live In Willmington1990CollectiblesUnrated
Learning To Fly1991CollectiblesUnrated
In Conversation1993CollectiblesUnrated
A Wheel In The Ditch1995Collectibles
20th Night @ The Fillmore1997CollectiblesUnrated
Echo Tour1999CollectiblesUnrated