Joel, Billy

Album TitleYearTypeRating
Cold Spring Harbour1971CD
Piano Man1973CD
Streetlife Serenader1974CD
The Stranger1977CD
52nd Street1978CD
Glass Houses1980CD
Songs In The Attic1981CD
The Nylon Curtain1982CD
An Innocent Man1983CD
The Bridge1986CD
Storm Front1989CD
River Of Dreams1993CD
Piano Man1973LP - VINYL
Streetlife Serenade1974LP - VINYL
Turnstiles1976LP - VINYL
The Stranger1977LP - VINYL
52nd Street1978LP - VINYL
Glass Houses1980LP - VINYL
Songs In The Attic1981LP - VINYL
The Nylon Curtain1982LP - VINYL
An Innocent Man1983LP - VINYL
The Bridge1986LP - VINYL
Kontsert1987LP - VINYL
Storm Front1989LP - VINYL
Honesty / The Mexican Connection197945 - VINYL
Sometimes A Fantasy / All For Leyna198045 - VINYL
You May Be Right / Close To The Borderline198045 - VINYL
You're Only Human (Second Wind) / Surprises198545 - VINYL
Modern Woman / Sleeping With The Television On198645 - VINYL
It's Still Rock And Roll To Me / Through The Long Night198045
Strangers On 52nd Street1976CollectiblesUnrated
Stranger @ The Coliseum1977CollectiblesUnrated
Face to Face (with Elton John)1998CollectiblesUnrated