Hiatt, John

Album TitleYearTypeRating
In Season1972CD
Hangin' Around The Observatory1974CD
Slug Line1979CD
Two Bit Monsters1980CD
All Of A Sudden1982CD
Riding With The King1983CD
Warming Up To The Ice Age1985CD
Bring The Family1987CD
Slow Turning1988CD
Slow Turning1988CD
Y'All Caught1989CD
Stolen Moments1990CD
Perfectly Good Guitar1993CD
Hiatt Comes Alive At Budakon?1994CD
Perfectly Good Demos1995CD
Walk On1995CD
Little Head1997CD
The Best Of John Hiatt1998CD
Rarities (downloads)2000CD
Crossing Muddy Waters2000CD
The Tiki Bar Is Open2001CD
Beneath This Gruff Exterior2003CD
Master of Disaster2005CD
Live From Austin TX2005CD
Same Old Man2006CD
The Open Road2010CD
Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns2011CD
Mystic Pinball2012CD
Terms of My Surrender2014CD
Hangin' Around The Observatory1974LP - VINYL
Overcoats1975LP - VINYL
Slug Line1979LP - VINYL
Two Bit Monsters1980LP - VINYL
All Of A Sudden1982LP - VINYL
Riding With The King1983LP - VINYL
Warming Up To The Ice Age1985LP - VINYL
Bring The Family1987LP - VINYL
Slow Turning1988LP - VINYL
Paper Thin1989LP - VINYL
Stolen Moments1990LP - VINYL
My Kind Of Town: The Lost Chicago Broadcats1993LP - VINYL
Live From Austin Tx1993LP - VINYL
Crossing Muddy Waters2000LP - VINYL
The Tiki Bar Is Open2001LP - VINYL
Beneath This Gruff Exterior2003LP - VINYL
Master of Disaster2005LP - VINYL
Same Old Man2006LP - VINYL
Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns2011LP - VINYL
Mystic Pinball2012LP - VINYL
Terms Of My Surrender2014LP - VINYL
The Eclipse Sessions2018LP - VINYL
Left Over Feelings (with The Jerry Douglas Band)2021LP - VINYL
Wild Blue Yonder0000CollectiblesUnrated
Big Top Chautauqua0000CollectiblesUnrated
My Love Is Strong1983CollectiblesUnrated
Rockpalast 19831983CollectiblesUnrated
Kung Fu Desire1983CollectiblesUnrated
King Biscuit Flower Hour1984CollectiblesUnrated
Since His Penis1984CollectiblesUnrated
Live at the Bottom Line1986CollectiblesUnrated
Far Gone1988CollectiblesUnrated
Warfield Theatre1989CollectiblesUnrated
Alone In The Dark1989CollectiblesUnrated
Strawberry Bluegrass Festival1989CollectiblesUnrated
The Wild Blue Yonder 1990CollectiblesUnrated
Unplugged in Baltimore '911991CollectiblesUnrated
Live At The El Mocomobo1993CollectiblesUnrated
Lightning Rod Guitars1993CollectiblesUnrated
Live at the Hiatt 1993CollectiblesUnrated
Contintental Club 1994CollectiblesUnrated
London 1994 & 19981994CollectiblesUnrated
Unplugged '961996CollectiblesUnrated
You Can Count On Me1997CollectiblesUnrated
Little Head Comes Alive1997CollectiblesUnrated
KPIG Fall Fat Fry1997CollectiblesUnrated
John Hiatt At The Lorely1997CollectiblesUnrated
Live Baden-Baden '971997CollectiblesUnrated
Fall Fat Fry1998CollectiblesUnrated
Christmas In The Meantime1999CollectiblesUnrated
Never Mind the Polyps2000Collectibles
Under The Big Top2000CollectiblesUnrated
Live at the Iron Horse2000CollectiblesUnrated
Holiday Concert For Kids2001CollectiblesUnrated
My Friend Jacky2002CollectiblesUnrated
An Evening With John Hiatt & The Goners2002CollectiblesUnrated
Clark, Ely, Harris, Hiatt & Lovett2004CollectiblesUnrated
Frederik Meyer Botantical Gardens2004CollectiblesUnrated
Masters of Denver2005CollectiblesUnrated
Masters of Seattle2005CollectiblesUnrated