Album TitleYearTypeRating
Rock & Roll1973CD
Rock and Roll Outlaws1974CD
Fool For The City1975CD
Night Shift1976CD
Stone Blue1978CD
Boogie Motel1979CD
Tight Shoes1980CD
Girls to Chat - Boys to Bounce1981CD
In The Mood For Something Rude1982CD
Zig Zag Walk1983CD
The Best Of Foghat (Volume 1)1992CD
The Best Of Foghat (Volume 2)1992CD
Return of the Boogie Men1994CD
King Biscuit Flower Hour1999CD
Live '991999CD
Decades Live2003CD
Last Train Home2010CD
Foghat1972LP - VINYL
Rock and Roll Outlaws1974LP - VINYL
Energized1974LP - VINYL
Fool For The City1975LP - VINYL
Night Shift1976LP - VINYL
Live1977LP - VINYL
Stone Blue1978LP - VINYL
Boogie Motel1979LP - VINYL
Tight Shoes1980LP - VINYL
Girls To Chat, Boys To Bounce1981LP - VINYL
In The Mood For Something Rude1982LP - VINYL
Zig Zag Walk1983LP - VINYL
Last Train Home2010LP - VINYL
Under The Influence2016LP - VINYL
Live In Cleveland1984CollectiblesUnrated