Socially Dave!

@DavidGray your version of Mansion On The Hill was spectacular!!! 0 0
@davehodge20 I hope "All These People" by Evan Rotella makes the! 0 0
@cogecohelps thank you for your amazing service with my mother and getting my new all-in-one modem/router. Pen Centre staff are great. Tx 0 0
@PhotoLMP u got it sister 0 1
@Capitals You guys are a classy, classy organization. Made me a fan! 0 0
@JoeGrushecky is back in @NiagaraFalls Friday, October 25th at Chip N' Charlies. @LODCanada presents our first Conc… 1 1
@cogecohelps 3 times in the last 10 days I received terrible customer service on the phone. The store (Penn Centre… 0 0
@ESPNRadio speaking of Alex Ovechkin, he has supported a boy here in Niagara Falls Canada with Cancer (had his leg… 0 0
@ESPNRadio (continued). That last night we watched (in our Red Sox gear) as Chris Sale threw that last pitch while… 0 0
@ESPNRadio thank you ESPN for what you do for Cancer Research. I lost my Dad the morning after my Red Sox (his Neme… 0 0
@Jackeichel15 Thanks for a great year! FYI I got rid of those kids with the bags on their heads. So, you know...the… 0 0
@evanderkane_9 prayers from our hearts to your family. deepest condolences. my she rest in eternal peace 0 0
@JeremyWGR to add to my last message about Eichel, we are so imporessed with his hustle (in both ends), his grit, h… 0 0
@JeremyWGR have to agree that we are wasting Eichel. My son & I go to games to watch Eichel (Dahlin, Skinner, Reinh… 0 0
@NDHL1 is the Bantam BB schedule out. I coach NOTL and I have heard some rumours about our game but nothing posted 0 0
@JoeGrushecky in @NiagaraFalls Nov 2 at Chip and Charlies on Lundy's Lane. Show starts at 8 pm with @EvanRotella a… 1 3
@PhotoLMP @GreatHallTO Wow. I didn't see this until now....need to get on Twitter more :) 0 1
RT @PhotoLMP: For my birthday yesterday, I gave away a photo shoot. Today I photographed an up and coming Niagara-based musician, EJ Rotell… 1 0
@JoeGrushecky back in @NiagaraFalls Friday November 2 at Chip 'N Charlies on Lundy's Lane. FREE SHOW. Donations to… 2 8
@dawestheband my son is a musician ands a big fan of @dawestheband (thanks to But we can't get tickets… 0 0
@cogecohelps how does one order the NFL Channel, get a new HD box and not only misses week 1 of the season due to p… 0 0
@JDSouther do you ever make it up to Canada these days? 0 0
Big game tonight against Welland! Let's go DANIMALS!!! #boysofsummer #Baseball 0 0
@CBIHealthGroup clainms to be focused on improving the health and enrish the lives of Canadians, yet they continue… 0 0
@CBIHealthGroup once again leaving a 75 year old women without assistance for her bed-ridden home 2 nights in a row. How does this happen? 0 0
@CBIHealthGroup My mother-in-law has gone 2 nights in a row without a PSW???? Here we go again. She is 75 years old… 0 0
@CBIHealthGroup My wife spoke to someone and hopefully things will be better in the future for my inlaws 0 0
I just Ordered Willie Nile: Children of Paradise @PledgeMusic #rock 0 1
@CBIHealthGroup hi Geneva. Could you provide me a phone number to speak to someone as I am appalled at an invalid a… 0 1
@CBIHealthGroup can't believe the horrific service provided by Tamara in Oshawa with my father-in-law. You should b… 0 0
@hsimon62 @WGR550 @BJWilsonWGR Maybe it's because I'm a Red Sox fan and we've been good the past 10 years or so, bu… 0 2
@MorbidTheClown @TheTimMcGraw @springsteen @FaithHill Seriously, what the hell do they know. Bring back Mike and MIke 0 0
Great job by the Loretto Catholic Elementar Choir yesterday performing Shawn Mendes' "Nothing Holding Me Back" Acco… 0 1
Humboldt Broncos bus crash: 15 dead in 'horrible tragedy' involving Saskatchewan junior hockey team 0 0
RT @PhotoLMP: “Light of Day” for Parkinson’s research announces its Kingston benefit concert @gordhunter @danimadav… 1 0
RT @LODCanada: @asburyjukes in @NiagaraFalls Sunday, April 15 @SenecaQueen @LODCanada presents Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes with @j… 2 0
Pre-order the new @JoeGrushecky album "More Yesterdays Than Tomorrows" at #JoeGrushecky… 0 0
Southside Johnny (@asburyjukes ) will be live tomorrow morning (March 21) at 8:20 Eastern Time on @917GIANTFM talki… 1 4
Happy first day of SPRINGsteen! 1 0
Check out Evan tonight on @yourtvniagara on the @BSLIVEROCKS show at 8pm. @EvanRotella is interviewed and does a r… 0 0
Do you have your tickets? Get them at @ Niagara Falls, Ontario 0 0
Final game of the year. Great year for my little man! 0 2
@asburyjukes @NiagaraFalls @SenecaQueen @LODCanada That would be JOIN the fight, not joing...doh! 0 0
An Intimate Night with @asburyjukes in @NiagaraFalls at the @SenecaQueen Get your tickets at… 2 1
JOIN IN THE FIGHT AGAINST PARKINSON'S DISEASE! Ger your tickets at Light of Day Canada .… 2 1

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