@PhotoLMP Amazing project from an amazing lady 0 1
@davehodge20 hey Dave...hope all is well. LOD 12 Virtual if you are interested 0 0
@JoeBiden Powerful!! Let's go Joe!! Not just for the USA...but for your allies, as well!! 0 0
Join me tomorrow over at https://t.co/S9T2GBbppR as I chat with President of Niagara Falls Comic Con, Chris Dabrows… https://t.co/WwAFufWuYW 0 0
@BestBuy last time i order anything online from you guys. Can't call you. 3 weeks ago I ordered...can't even find o… https://t.co/8rHdGc5PL4 0 0
Evan's 7@7: Episode 6 (Early Influences) https://t.co/D1zK9YOtio via @YouTube 0 0
For Ahmaud Abrey and his family
From one runner to another, from one familty to another.
Rest in peace young man… https://t.co/2jlWmzoAZb
0 0
@TheEllenShow wanted to share my son's video https://t.co/DUIDx3i6sE 0 0
Michael McDermott performing on #Stageit https://t.co/r2o6d3IzzS via @stageit 0 0
@CBCNews who was the ER doctor that you just had on? He was awesome. Loved his positive energy. Does he have a book? I needed that. Tx 0 0
@MichaelRapaport LOVE IT!!!! Thanks for saying what even us Canadians are thinking! 0 0
At Sabres game last night. In the washroom and the two guys beside me use the urinal and head directly out of the w… https://t.co/F0AZsONYrp 0 1
@hsimon62 Not true. I heard so many times on your show. I am an old goalie and it was like nails on the chalkboard… https://t.co/awSZGg3Ogp 0 0
@hsimon62 wish my Dad was still here to hear you guys talk about needing a goalie. A few years ago you drove us bot… https://t.co/nwIKsour1M 0 0
@PhotoLMP u r welcome 0 1
@ChuckProphet I will pass this on to my son. We are due for a talk! 0 3
@EvanRotella will be playing a few tunes at Monty's Gastropub in St. Catharines on Sunday around 5 or so. Drop by f… https://t.co/V7R19VtTic 0 0
As Mr. @JoeGrushecky says I've got a lot more yesterdays than I'll ever have tomorrows! Oh well, @BillyFalcon also… https://t.co/Wn3lktVTSl 0 0
As Jackson Browne says "All good things, gotta come to an end". Join us in wishing Ginger the best of luck in her n… https://t.co/YwT2eXG3rv 0 1
RT @RedSox: Thank you for it all, Mookie. ❤️ https://t.co/3lvmgWtmtW 6941 0
Flashback with ESPN's @willcain with the great @garyvee

0 2
Totally disappointed with the @RedSox . You let go one of the greatest Red Sox of all time?? Seems we do this once… https://t.co/DqsKK3RR7B 0 0
@PhotoLMP @ecwpress U should move on down :) 0 1
I really and truly hope the Sabres organization can try and do something to turn this team around and retain one of… https://t.co/uFD1cKOAxs 0 0
What is it with people who continue to complain that Kobe is getting all the press and not the other families? He w… https://t.co/05qTkzdQLh 0 0
My favourite line from my son’s new song! https://t.co/QMqOci4rkp 0 2
@PhotoLMP Live ya pal 0 1
RT @jayweinbergdrum: Birming-DAMN. That was next level. Last UK show for a while tomorrow in London.
@slipknot #WeAreNotYourKind…
242 0
Let’s go Atlantic Division! 0 0
Evan Rotella at The Stone Pony for LOD Winerfest 20 https://t.co/gQZrlbvyOQ via @YouTube 1 1
Great set at the @thestonepony So proud of you Evan!!! https://t.co/QeZVv2hh9X 0 1
My favorite rocker @EvanRotella is playing at @thestonepony on Sunday at LOD Foundation's Winterfest show, Kids Roc… https://t.co/aP0hCuAfdc 0 2
OBJ....what an idiot. Way to go and ruin a great LSU moment. What is it with some of these players? 0 0
@rockhall @KlipschAudio @depechemode Really? Depache Mode? Nine Inch Nails?? No Poco, No Warren Zevon. Now the Hall… https://t.co/jF3PitSz8T 0 1
I am sorry, but if you think that Depache Mode, Nine Inch Nails and Notorious B.I.G. deserve to be in the @rockhall… https://t.co/x7vhp3DV4t 0 0
(try this again) @StevieVanZandt when we met in Buffalo last summer I told ya this little guy had a great new song.… https://t.co/P7VMNgfHbC 1 3
@MVZaGoGo Got them all. Just getting my 15 year old to watch them all! 0 0
I'm thinking I am just not posting anything interesting enough for anyone to click on the little heart-thingy. I ev… https://t.co/zr3oKot2mW 0 2
All These People by Evan Rotella https://t.co/H09Oct4VpJ #NowPlaying 0 0
Mayor Walter Sendzik: Petition to have Neil Peart honored with a plaque or statue at Lakeside Park St​.​Catharines… https://t.co/blkAEJOXW6 0 0
What an amazing commercial!! Get out the kleenex before you hit play! https://t.co/4suAvBz4a0 via @YouTube 0 0
Next week @rockhall will announce the new inductee class. I stil can't believe Warren Zevon and Poco are not in the… https://t.co/xoWs1DbtLx 0 0
@rockhall Warren Zevon needs to be in!! And Poco!!! 0 2

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