Light of Day Canada

Back in Augst of 2007 I got a call from a friend, Mike Minervini, who asked me if I'd be interested in putting on a concert, a Light of Day concert. I knew what Light of Day was being a Springsteen fan. I even had a bootleg of one of the shows. In the past I had run events...but a concert? Of course, I said yes, but was a bit apprehensive that we could pull this off. At the time, DANIMA had just started working on Joe Grushecky's new web site and Mike was in touch with Joe D'Urso. Of course, as my knowledge of Light of Day grew, I realized that these 2 guys (Joe D and Joe G) were the cornerstones of the Light of Day movement, both being a part of LOD fromt he beginning and both having been managed by Bob Benjamin the Light of Day founder and reason why Light of Day started.

So, in 2007 at my old high school auditorium we held the first EVER Light of Day Niagara. 300 people watched a great show that raised a few dollars, but most importantly it was the first step in the journey that we have been on now for 9 years. Throughout this time we have raised over $175,000 and a lot of awareness for Parkinson's Research and Care.

It's truly been an honour and a priviledge to be a part of this great cause. We have met some amazing people and been able to work with some incredible bands...many of which have become friends.

Since the inception of Light of Day Canada, I have met several individuals with Parkinson's disease, none more inspiring than my pal Don Robaillard. Don passed away in the winter of 2015 from this horrific disease, but he fought and he kept his sense of humour and dignity until the end. Don came to my office after the first LOD Niagara to thank me/us for what we were doing. He had just been diagnosed at this time. I watched as this disease slowly took everything from him. But he continued to come to every show, only missing LOD 8 because he couldn't leave his bed. It was extremely sad, but it is what motivates me to continue to work to help find a cure for this disease. In 2015 we dedicated our shows to Don's memory!

I continued to be amazed by all of the support from our great communities, specifically here in Niagara, and hope that we can continue to work together until the job is done!

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