Legendary Letterman

"Take one last look at the place that you are leaving" sang the great Tom Waits a few episodes before the Legendary David Letterman bid farewell to his faithful viewership.  Yes indeed, after watching Dave for 35 years (yes, from the morning show), on Wednesday, May 20, 2015 (my brothers 46th birthday) I watched my final David Letterman show. It was a very emotional night as I sat with a glass of Scotch in hand hoping the 60+ minutes that lie ahead would go on forever. The realization of knowing that my DVR's hard drive will now be empty (at least with my recordings) and my Saturday and Sunday morning coffees will not include viewing the week's Late Show episodes anymore...was finally sinking in!

My Letterman Ride:

I recall being home sick from school back in high school and this guy Dave's morning show was on and I found him oddly funny. A bit awkward and dry...but the show caught my attention and whenever I was off or "sick" I tuned in. Then it went away. But 2 years later Dave got the late night slot (12:30 am) on NBC after my Dad's late night hero, the great Johnny Carson. Late Night with David Letterman was on a bit too late for me...but we had a VCR, so I started taping his show. I was hooked - stupid pet tricks, stupid human tricks, Chris Elliott, Bif, Taco Bell, Top 10 lists, great musicians...there was nothing like it. I literally went on a 12+ year streak of never missing a show (thanks to my trusty VCR). It wasn't until the VCR broke and life got hectic (after University...might have been the marriage-thing) that I started missing some shows and eventually I watched whenever I could manage to stay up late. But then came the DVR and for the past 5 years I never missed an episode driving my wife crazy with Saturday and Sunday morning marathons :)  

From the morning show to Late Night With David Letterman and finally to The Late Show With David Letterman I truly enjoyed the ride! Thankfully on March 24, 2014 I was able to check off a long awaited bucket-list-item as I made the trip to NYC to see a live recording of the show! One of my greatest memories for sure. Up there with my first steps into Fenway Park, Texas Stadium and stepping foot on the infamous boardwalk in Asbury Park.

David Michael Letterman, David Michael Rotella thanks you for the years of "info-tainment"! You are the KING OF LATE NIGHT!