Ely, Joe

In 1993, Dave P. and I headed down to the Meadowlands in New Jersey to see a Springsteen and friends' benefit concert. Bruce opened up with an Acoustic set and was joined by a few of his friends. One of these friends was Joe Ely. They sang "Blowin' Down The Road" together and later Joe performed "Settle For Love". I had heard the song before but to hear it live was incredible. On the way back to Niagara we stopped at a local Jersey record shop and I picked up "Love & Danger". Wow! Texas rock and roll at it's finest. 

Since that fateful day back in '92 I have collecting many of Joe's cds. The ultimate Joe Ely disc would have to be Letter to Loredo. Probably one of the best discs I have ever purchased. It's timeless. Front to back this is a great piece of work and should be in everyone's collection. If you don't have it, you should!