Springsteen, Bruce

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The Boss, Jersey Devil, Scooter, whatever you want to call him, Bruce Springsteen is one of rock and roll's true living legends. Actually, I recall a radio announcer proclaim that Bruce held a place in the "Holy Trinity of Rock and Roll" along with Elvis and Bob Dylan. Whether you believe that or not, there is no doubt that Bruce Fredrick Springsteen has played an integral part in shaping the rock and roll landscape! 

From the day that Cindy B. brought her Born to Run album into Grade 7 music class at Carmel Junior High, I have been completely mesmorized by the power of both his music and his lyrics. Listening to Jungleland in a crowded grade 7 classroom, where Kiss, Bay City Roller and Elton John fans were wondering how any song could last more that 3 minutes, I was taken to a place I had never been before. As Melissa Ethridge says, "Bruce Springsteen could make you dream". He could. He still can. Turn out the lights, grab a glass of Brandy and put on the Ghost of Tom Joad or Nebraska disc and you'll see what I mean. Bruce's ability to paint a picture with his words and to get under your skin and make you think about the real world is a true gift. And I have spent the last 40 years chasing that feeling from concert to concert from bootleg to bootleg and from new release to new release. I've never figured it out...but I've enjoyed trying! 

In the last several years, I've not only been lucky enough to meet (through a friend of ours, Joe Grushecky but my son has actually been on stage with him a few times, has met him and seems to have a Bruce moment at every show we go to! It's been a fun journey with my son the past 11+ years and we hope there's many more years to come!