Case, Peter

Funny story, I'm in Niagara Falls, NY one evening buying cds at an old, used records store that I use to frequent - Zoundz 2001 - and I come across the Peter Case cd "Six Pack of Love". I had heard about Mr. Case and new he was from Buffalo, so I picked the disc up. I had purchased so many discs that night that I really never got to listen to it. Years later on the John Hiatt Internet list - Shot of Rhythm - folks were raving about Mr. Case's music. I went out and picked up "Torn Again" and really liked what I heard. 

Since that time I've picked up all of Peter Case's discs including, my favorite, "Flying Saucer Blues". This great new disc is a MUST have for anyone's collection. What an amazing disc. Anyway....all of his music is great and you'd be crazy not to go out and pick one up for yourself!