Zevon, Warren

In my Holy Trinity of Rock and Roll, Warren sits on the left side of the Boss, opposite the great Tom Waits! Mr. Bad Example, the Excitable Boy, Norman, whatever you want to call him, he was one of a kind and when Warren passed it was devestating as a fan. It was then when I understood what my friends felt when Lennon died (I wasn't a big fan). It was sad, but as he said "I'd rather feel bad than feel nothin' at all".

Way back in high school (and I mean, way back!), I was flipping through the cheapie bin at Flipside in Toronto and I came across the album Bad Luck Streak In Dancing School. I have no idea why I picked it up, but I did. I noticed that Jackson Browne, David Lindley, Don Henley, & Glenn Frey had contributed to the album. Wow! Those were the guys I was listening to at the time and I figured, any friend of theirs was a friend of mine. Then I noticed that Springsteen was listed as one of the writers of Jeanie Needs A Shooter. That was enough for me. Off to the cashier I flew! 

How could you not fall in love with this album (Bad Luck Streak In Dancing School)? Hell, the title alone and that album cover sold me. The funny part was that the Springsteen co-written song, Jeannie Needs A Shooter, was nowhere near the best song on the album. Gorilla You're A Desperado, Certain Girl I've Been In Love With, Bed of Coals (with Linda Rondstadt)...these were simply amazing. I was instantly a fan!

As with all of the artists mentioned on this page, I proceeded to purchase Warren's entire collection. Album after album I was taken buy Mr. Zevon's lyrics. I still am. Even Mutineer grew on me...though if you are looking to try something I would suggest Mr. Bad Example and Warren Zevon (self-titled). 

I met Mr. Zevon after a show in Buffalo and was amazed at how cordial he was. He signed my album, my CD and as he walked us back to the dressing room he put his arm around me and said "finally somebody asked me a decent question". I was lucky enough to see Warren 10 or 12 times and will treasure each and every one. A great singer/songwriter, musician and performer.  

We miss ya Warren!