Snider, Todd

Here we are again...a great singer/songwriter that flew under my radar for way too long. Thanks, however, to a visitor to this little web site (who's name I do not remember but to whom I am grateful) I am now a Todd Snider fan...a big fan (not sure how "big" is measured...suffice it to say I really dig this guy's music). One day I'm surfing through my emails and somebody had come across my list of music and realized we had the exact same taste, but as this person put it "it was amazing that I didn't have ANY Todd Snider" in my collection. So, this person kindly sent me a bootleg from The Rocky Mountain Music Festival (I think that's it). One listen...okay maybe two or three...and I was a fan...not yet a "big" fan, but a fan. Over the last several years I have been able to pick up all of Todd's domestic releases and there's not a bad offering in the collection...the man has a way with words and is a must for any serious music fan..."big" fans! From songs like Alright Guy to The Devil You Know...the lyrics will make you laugh, think and just have some fun. He's been compared to John Prine and it's to see why once you have a few of his CD's in your collection. Both Prine and Todd are fantastic lyricists with similarities to brilliant writers such as John Hiatt, Lovett, Forbert, Peter Case, and Joe Ely. Too bad I didn't find this music until about 2004, but better late than never! As my 3 year old son says..."Happy Birthday to you Country Joe". 'nough said!