Back in High School I was a big Eagles fan. I collected all of their solo materials and anything I could find that related to the Southern Californian sound. Then one day I came across a band called Poco's "Legend" album and I was mesmorized by the harmonies. Could there actually be a band with better harmonies than the Eagles (or CSNY for that matter)? After the purchase of Under The Gun, Blue & Grey and Cowboys & Englishmen I was convinced, in my humble opinion, that Poco was, by far the best harmonizing band in rock and roll. Spending much of my time in Toronto and in Niagara Falls NYrecord stores I began to see the extensive body of work that Poco had created. So, I began my quest to collect it ALL. It wasn't until I picked up Good Feelin' To Know and Pickin' Up The Pieces that I began to tout these guys as my favorite "band" (yes, I consider Bruce, Hiatt & Waits to be in a different cagegory). The Eagles took a backseat as I drove down the Poco highway pickin' up anything that had their name on it. As of February 2003 I finally completed re-purchasing all of those great albums on disc (finally finding Live & Crazy Eyes at CD Now). And after visiting their new official web site it seems a new album is on it's way. 

If you say to someone "have you every heard of Poco?", many will scratch their heads and say no. If you say "you must have heard Heart Of The Night and Crazy Love", then they get it. To me they are the most underrated band in the history of music. To this day I think that Yanks Old Niagara is the only bar in Canada where you can walk in on given day and hear a Poco tune (usually something from Legacy) coming from the Jukebox. I suggest you take a minute and vist their web site and vote for their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! If you do not own a Poco CD, do yourself a big favour and pick up anything, really! My favorites are still Deliverin', Good Feeling to Know, Rose of Cimmaron, and Indian Summer, but there is not a bad album in their entire collection. 

Flip the dial to 2018, over the past 6 months I have been dealing with Rusty and Mary Young to complete their new 50th Anniversary web site. What an honour. It's a bit surreal to be listening to Poco on Spotify and updating their site and emailing back and forth with Mary....with a Christmas Card from Rusty and Mary on my desk. Who could have imagined? Not this guy!