Hiatt, John

It was early 1993. I was watching David Letterman in my little University apartment in Toronto and a guy I had heard of, but never listened to, was on next to perform. I stayed up. Dave introduced him as a "fellow Hoosier from Indiana". His name was John Hiatt and he was performing the title song from his new album "Perfectly Good Guitar" (check it out - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ke32qdlxgI). That night I became a Hiatt-head. I jumped on the TTC (subway) the next day and headed down to the legendary record store, Sam The Record Man to find the Perfectly Good Guitar CD. I didn't take that CD out of my CD Walkman and CD Player for weeks. Within a few weeks of that purchase I had bought his entrie collection  - Slug Line, Bring The Family, Overcoats, Slow Turning....I couldn't get enough. Hooked. Like the old days with Petty and Jackson Browne. 

That was many years ago, and to this day John Hiatt sits at the righ-hand of my Holy Trinity of Rock and Roll! I've travelled to Cleveland and Finger Lakes to see him, seen him with the Goners, with Lyle Lovett, with the Guilty DOgs, spoke to him and his wife Nancy inside the Danforth in Toronto, chatted with him out back of the Tralf in Buffalo, asked him what bands he was currently listening to (Wilco and Son Volt) in Finger Lakes and yes, even took a pee beside him at the Seneca Casino in Niagara Falls NY. One of the greatest singer/songwriters of our time and easily of my all-time favorites. Not a bad song in his repertoire. And that inclues "I Killed An Ant"!  

And now his daughter Lilly has become a great singer/songwriter in her own right! A talented Hiatt-family, indeed!