Forbert, Steve

Once touted as the next Bob Dylan, Steve Forbert was one of those names I had heard of, but I didn't really know anything that he recorded other than Romeo's Tune. Now, unknowingly I had seen Steve open up for Clarence Clemons at the old Melody Fair back in the early 80's with my friend Dave. Dave bought a few of Steve's discs but I was very narrow-minded in my music purchases back then and never ventured out into new territory. 

Simliar to the way I found Mr. Hiatt and Mr. Waits, I picked up Steve's American In Me CD about 6 years ago...based solely on his name. The more I listened to his incredible lyrics , the more I liked his style. I picked up the Crossroad Palms disc and, like the afore mentioned artists, it was so good that it triggered my quest to buy everything Steve had released.