It was 1979, I was 13  and I had been a Foghat fan for a couple of years, thanks to my cousin Wayne introducing me to Foghat Live (still one of the greatest live albums of all-time). Foghat had just released "Boogie Motel". What a great, great album. My cousin Wayne somehow convinced my parents to let him take me to see my very first concert - Foghat and with The Outlaws at the Buffalo Memorial Auditorium. I can still remember them wheeling out the keyboard to the front of the stage with a spotlight on Lonesome Dave as he did an amazing version of "Third Time Lucky". One of my favorite concert memories! Thanks Wayner!

We lost Lonesome Dave in 2000 and though I still kept up with the band, it wasn't the same. But man, when I put on one of the old albums like Fool For The City, Energized or even Girls To Chat...I drift back to Desson Avenue and sitting in my room just blarin' Foghat from my old Cerwin Vega speakers! Still one of my all-time favorite bands. 

"When I was stone blue...rock and roll sure helped me through" (Dave Peverett)