Falcon, Billy

Back in '91 my wife and I went to see Stevie Nicks at Canada's Wonderland in Toronto. The opening act was a guy named Billy Falcon and we were blown away. I had never heard a note by this guy but that night I became a fan. I went out looking for his album Pretty Blue World the very next day. From then on, my wife and I were hooked. I think my wife has worn both of the discs out twice! Yeah, unfortunately there are only 2 Billy Falcon cds available but both are fantastic and a must for any collector of great music. Lyrically and musically. Songs like Heaven's Highest Hill and Wonder Years are testaments to his incredible songwriting talents. 

I've searched the net for a few years trying to find information on Billy and I finally found the Billy Falcon web site. There's a great forum and a store..so, you can pick up those 2 classic discs! And... as I found out...Billy's daughter Rose has a new album coming out!. Great to hear the Falcon family is still making music.